Research supervision

Research supervision


Piyush Shaunak (Joint supervision), Master thesis: In progress ...

Thomas Nicholls (Joint supervision), Bachelor thesis: In progress ...

Francis Moll (Joint supervision), Bachelor thesis: In progress ...

Clement Ding (Joint supervision), Bachelor thesis: In progress ...

Quan Bui (Joint supervision), Bachelor thesis: "Experimental Heat Transport in Natural Porous Media: The Influence of Grain Size Distribution on the Heat Transport Dynamics"


Aaron Wong (Joint supervision), Bachelor thesis: "Experimental observation of non-uniform flow in a homogeneous porous material using heat tracing"

James Kennedy (Joint supervision), Bachelor thesis: "Experimental investigation of heat tracing methods in variably saturated sediments"

Cyrus Chlochaisri (Joint supervision), Bachelor thesis: "Surface water and groundwater investigations in Manly Creek"

Nayab Malik (Joint supervision), Bachelor thesis: "Investigations in surface water groundwater interactions in Manly Creek"

Landon J S Halloran (Joint supervision), PhD thesis: "Heat tracing in the variably saturated shallow subsurface"


Junsong Chen (Co-supervision), Master thesis: "Characterizing the spatiotemporal variability of surface water-groundwater interactions using natural heat as a tracer"


Sahani Gunatunge (Co-supervision), Bachelor thesis: "Natural heat as a tracer to quantify water infiltration for managed aquifer recharge"

Filip Vrcelj (Co-supervision), Bachelor thesis: "A comparison of thermal dispersion in sand and glass beads at low peclet numbers"


Jonathan Frecker (Co-supervision), Bachelor thesis: "Comparison of hydraulic heads, heat and 222-radon as natural tracers for groundwater-surface water interactions"